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Binagoongang Baboy             P250.00
Chicharon Bulaklak             P300.00
Daing na Bangus                P180.00
Kare Kare                      P280.00
Lechon Kawali                  P250.00
Lumpiang Shanghai              P185.00
Mechadong Baka                 P290.00
Pinakbet                       P270.00
Seafood Rice – Sharing         P390.00
Seafood Rice – Party Size      P1140.00
Sinigang na Baboy              P248.00
Sinigang na Hipon              P200.00
Fried Chicken                  P210.00
Ampalaya with Egg              P120.00
Dinuguan                       P160.00
Malabon Tokwa’t Baboy          P120.00

Tapang Kabayo                  P225.00
Tofu Sisig                     P120.00
Mushroom Sisig                 P245.00
Meaty Spaghetti                P168.00
Lugaw Tokwa’t Lechon           P185.00
Sotanghon Pusit                P345.00
Okoy Kalabasa (5pcs.)          P220.00
Okoy Kalabasa (10pcs.)         P420.00

Patis                          P 80.00
Bagoong (small)                P130.00
Pichi-Pichi Katerno (15 pcs)P 99.00
Pichi-Pichi Bongga (60 pcs)    P435.00

Puto with cheese (25 pcs.)     P 90.00
Mani                           P 75.00
Milky Ice Halo Halo            P 79.00
Red Tea                        P 45.00


PARTY PACK BILAO     (For 15 pax)   P2,160.00
FIESTA MIX           (For 6 pax)    P995.00
MEATY SPAGHETTI      (For 6 pax)    P590.00
LUMPIANG SHANGHAI 36pcs (For 6 pax) P560.00
SOTANGHON PUSIT      (For 6 pax)    P690.00
LECHON KAWALI        (For 8 pax)    P870.00

– For Take-out orders additional P10.00 for canister
– Availability of items listed varies from branch to branch
– Prices subject to change without prior notice
* depending on branch

* For Auntie’s Bakery, Restaurant & More – menu list & prices, please visit:

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